Our December collection raised £451.14 giving us a total received through the brown envelopes this year of £912.74.

Whilst this is somewhat lower than our annual average it is still a phenomenal total considering all the obstacles that have been in our way this year. We are aware a number of you have made contributions direct to Ecclestone Square and, provided you have informed them of our parish name or centre number, these will be added on to our parish total when the annual Diocesan figures are released in March.

As always MANY, MANY thanks to everyone who takes part in our support of the missions.

If anybody has moved house within the last two or three years please ring Laurence. The number should be on a sticker attached to your boxes. Furthermore, if you do not receive your APF envelope by Monday 16th Nov then it has presumably been delivered to the wrong address so, again, please contact Laurence.

 St Luke’s parish first became a member of the A.P.F. (now known as Missio) in 1989 when Father Ivan Burke and Dr Peter Carr set up the system of red-box collections. Since then we have continued supporting the missions and last year (2019) contributed over £1900 to Missio.


In a nutshell, Missio is the Charity for world mission:

helping poor communities, training priests and enriching lives; 

as the Missio website itself states:

Together we are enriching today’s global Catholic community.

Together we are training tomorrow’s generation of Priests and Sisters.

Together we are giving hope to the world’s poorest children.

Together we are Missio.

Please explore Missio’s own website: https://missio.org.uk/

here you will see a vast amount of information about the work done by Missio throughout the world.

Our parish involvement is as follows:

  • In our parish of St Luke’s we have 45 red-box holders
  • Around every four months each red-box holder receives a magazine together with a brown collection envelope. The contents of our members’ red-boxes are then emptied into these envelopes and then dropped into a collection box at mass over a window of two or three weeks. The money is then counted and deposited into the Missio account.
  • Missio also produces a calendar that is given out with the last collection of the year.
  • Every five years or so we welcome a visiting priest who appeals for more members and provides a picture of the latest Missio activities.

Please contact Father Pascal at the parish house if you are interested in becoming part of our Missio community and he will pass your details on to Laurence, our current Missio secretary.